Finding The PERFECT Neighborhood!

Basic RGBIs there a PERFECT neighborhood…probably not.  Is there a PERFECT neighborhood for you and your family….YES.  Now how do you find it?

You have decided the time is NOW to move. Interest rates are low, your financing is in place but where should I/we go?   Whether you are single looking for your first condo or have a large family, landing in the right place is critical.   You are about to embark upon an exciting, crazy and all-consuming  venture.   Who has the time to devote to this madness…….I DO!

Your Realtor is instrumental in guiding you through the home buying maze to ensure you come out the other side with a wonderful prize….your new home! If you haven’t chosen your agent just yet, here are a few  points we suggest our clients consider.  What do you envision for yourself/family?

Can you answer the following:

1.      City vs. Suburb
2.      Neighborhood vs. One Off Streets
3.      Old vs. New Construction
4.      Size & Style of Home
5.      Parking Options
6.      Lot size
7.      Public Transportation/Work Commute
8.      Schools
9.      Kids Activities
10.     Swim & Tennis Club
11.     Overall Quality of Life

Typically, when you know your budget and you can answer many of these questions, the neighborhoods will fall into place.  It is not just our job but our pleasure to help you find the best fit insuring  many many years of homeowner happiness!

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