Daylight Savings Safety Tips For The House

Daylight Savings TipsRight now the DMV aka Greater Washington Area is experiencing a deluge of snow. Can you believe Daylight Savings Time  beings on Saturday night, just two days from now??? Our goal today while you are stuck at home is to make sure you are safe in your home. Today is a great day to do a “house check in your home.” Here is a checklist that will come in handy as you “Spring Forward” on Saturday night (2 am Sunday morning):

  1. Replace batteries in your Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  2. Replace flashlight batteries
  3. Replace expired and missing items in your First Aid Kit Check
  4. Replace expired and missing items in your Emergency Kit
  5. Replace furnace filter
  6. Check pressure of fire extinguisher
  7. Replace kitchen water filter
  8. Clean your oven/stove
  9. Go through your refrigerator and pantry; toss expired food
  10. Check the expiration dates on your medications in your medicine cabinet
  11. Re-caulk your showers and tubs
  12. Clean out the dryer filter and hoses
  13. Reverse direction of your ceiling fan
  14. Re-childproof your home again (if applicable)
  15. Re-evaluate your home’s insurance policy

If you have any action items to add to this list, let us know. Our wish is for you to create a safe, happy home!

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